Chimney Rock

Stags Leap District, north of the town of Napa, is located on the Silverado Trail and grapes were first planted there in the 1870s, with the first winery in the area being founded in 1878. Cabernet Sauvignon, for which the area is famous, was only planted in 1961 and given AVA status in California in 1989. Chimney Rock owns 10% of land in this very small appellation and is recognised as being one of California’s premium wine estates. 

The wines are made by Brazilian-born Elizabeth Vianna, who has been the winemaker at Chimney Rock since 2001. She prefers to work with fruit that is not over-ripe, looking towards balance and the vineyards to tell their tale of an individual vintage. Winemaking decisions are never compromised and 90+ marks from Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator and Robert Parker are regularly achieved.

 Ethical production

Family ownership and a long-term perspective drives Chimney Rock’s approach to winemaking. Solar power provides 100% of their electricity requirement and they have been recycling vineyard water for over ten years. Cover crops improve soil health and an integrated pest management system – a combined biological, cultural, and natural chemical approach to pest management – minimises environmental and health risks.

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