Dauvergne Ranvier

Jean-François Ranvier and François Dauvergne teamed up to create a very unique approach to building a brand focused on quality from vine to finished wine.

Jean-François had worked with over 50 cellars in the Rhone valley and together in 2004 the partners approached the best of them with their idea. Ranvier would consult with each property on all aspects of vineyard management, proper harvesting techniques, and winemaking processes in the cellars of each property. Agreements would be made prior to harvest on the proper price for the grapes or finished wines and Dauvergne Ranvier (D-R) would purchase 100% of the yearly production. Win/Win. The properties knew they could sell all of their grapes and what the price would be and DR had assurances of quality and volume.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, Jean-François and François convinced several friendly wine producers to hand over the management of part of their most promising vineyards from the best terroirs. The destiny and the responsibility of these vineyards are now in the hands of the DR duo. From one winery to another, they are involved in each step: advising during planting, looking after vine development and pruning, advising when to grass or de-bud, tasting the grapes, and along with the producers deciding when to harvest. It is a completely collaborative effort.

Jean-François Ranvier has spent over fifteen years in oenology and wine making both in Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. He has worked in the cellars of over 50 properties in the Rhone Valley consulting on viticulture and wine making.

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