medoc & haut- medoc

Médoc AOC and Haut Medoc AOC

Location: Left Bank

Annual Production: 65.1 million bottles

Renowned For: Producing a vast array of full bodied, tannic and dry Cabernet Sauvignon driven clarets.

Big Names: Château Potensac, Château Sigognac Château Belgrave, Château Sénéjac

Notes Medoc: The Médoc as an appellation should not to be confused with the Médoc as a region which, alongside the Médoc appellation, encompasses numerous other appellations. Médoc is the most northerly appellation in Bordeaux and offers far greater value for money than many of the more prestigious appellations further south.

Notes Haut Medoc: Covering a 37 mile stretch of land on the left bank, North of the city of Bordeaux, the Haut-Médoc appellation is home to some 392 winemakers. Although slightly more rustic in style, many of the top Haut-Médoc clarets compare favourably in term of quality, ageing potential and price to those of the famed ‘big four’ appellations it encompasses.

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