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Bordeaux AOC  Bordeaux Superiéur AOC

Location: Entire region

Annual Production: 439.5 million bottles

Renowned For: The appellation under which the most claret is produced. Great value clarets of consistent quality from less well known châteaux

Notes: The Bordeaux appellation is the one applied to claret produced anywhere in the Bordeaux region that does not fall within a specific local appellation. It is the dominant appellation of entry level claret and at their best they are fruit driven, easy going and best enjoyed in its youth.

Like the Bordeaux appellation, Bordeaux Superiéur can be produced anywhere in entire region that does not fall within a specific local appellation and similarly should be enjoyed in their youth. What sets it apart is that Bordeaux Superiéur has no meet certain requirements, like being of a slightly higher alcohol content.

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