The Federalist

The Federalist wines celebrate and pay homage to America’s Founding Fathers – bold men of principle, who’s pioneering spirit helped make the United States the country it is today. Whilst Zinfandel is featured prominently in the range, Zinfandel flourishes in the regions of Lodi and Dry Creek Valley, Federalist wines also make Cabernet and Merlot dominated blends and a Chardonnay from Sonoma County.

The history of Zinfandel dates back to the late 18th century, when farmers in the north-eastern United States first attempted to cultivate it from stock that probably came from Austro-Hungary; it has now been identified as being descended from the Primitivo/Crljenak variety today found along the Dalmatian coast. 

Zinfandel didn’t do so well in the dreary north-eastern states, but once it crossed the Sierra Nevada, just after the gold rush, and was introduced to Californian sunshine it came into its own. 

Dry Creek Valley has unique characteristics that make it especially suited to producing some of the best ‘Zin’ in California. The valley receives pronounced afternoon heat, while also being cooled by the night air that creeps up the Russian River Valley from the Pacific Ocean; thereby, extending hang-time, producing more richly flavoured mature fruit. 

Individual blocks are selected and vinified for The Federalist and then in the traditions of The American War of Independence, the Americans and French combine to supply the oak!